Marina Joyce

So hello guys… this post is going to be about something i found myself thinking about the over the last 1-2 days. Some of you may know this already but a famous Youtuber was trending on social media with the hashtag #savemarinajoyce. Basically the youtube star started showing signs of abuse, being drugged and possibly kidnapped. In most of her videos in the last few months she seemed frightened and scared. She also had bruises on her arms and a mark on her ankle. In her eyes you could see a person in some of the videos which was scary. She would give subscribers signals and signs that she’s in danger. Finally fans were like we need to do something about this and they did… Hence the hashtag #Savemarinajoyce, everyone was posting stuff and “evidence” Then people started calling the cops.


During this she as tweeting stuff then someone was said to be deleting it ( not confirmed). Which led people to believe that she was kidnapped. Another thing was in her live streams a fan would say do this if you are in danger and most times she would. Also everytime she was asked about the bruises she would look to her phone or look down.



the police went to the house and confirmed she was fine as so did she.. She said several times that she was okay, she was happy… later on that night she posted a video calming it was a publicity stunt which some believe while others don’t… My whole thing is that she kept saying she is okay and well and people kept saying no she’s not and kept overthinking it which is why she got more followers and subscribers. People are upset because it was a stunt but they did it to themselves.

Marina Joyce’s MOTHER breaks silence to reassure world her daughter is ‘fine’


Hopefully this puts an end to everything even though some people are still suspicious and they have every right to be.


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