My morning makeup routine :)

This post is the new and updated products I use for makeup and facial stuff in the morning daily…SOOOO lets get started shall we? Also all products will be linked at the end.

First thing I do in the morning is wash my face. Typically I use the Olay Acne Haters scrub which works very well for people with acne and pimples.  It is also gentle enough for daily use as well as nightly use.

Because I am staying with my mom down south my skin is acting up and I have been breaking out due to the changes so I started using a acne medication creme. I picked it up at Kroger the other day, it goes by the name Clarify.. It contains 10% Salicylic acid.

After that I use two different moisturizers… I use one from Garnier called clearly brighter which contains SPF 15 which is good for daily use. After that I follow it up with cetaphil moisturizer which is super amazing for dry skin.

Next I begin dong my face makeup.. First I use the Maybelline baby skin primer which is amazing. I typically put that on my T-zone as well as my chin and above my lip.. The foundation I used today is the dream velvet one and it worked out very well.. The concealer I used is the maybelline fit me one which is amazing for coverage. Next I just set that with the NYC HD powder.

Moving onto the eyes.. Today I used the NYX Jumbo crayon in Milk to enhance the eyeshadow. The palette i used today is by wet and wild and I got it last summer at Target. It contains 3 shades. A highlighter, a matte brown and a beautiful shimmering pink that I love so much. I just apply the brown shade in the crease, then the pink all over the lid then the highlighter in the corner of my eye. Then I take my maybelline eyeliner and line my eyes as thin as possible. I use three different mascaras.. Tartes light camera lashes, urban decay and benefit they’re real.

And that is all I do for my makeup usually everyday.


Face wash:






NYC Powder:

Jumbo crayon:





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