July 4th post- top foundations

The next few posts are going to be different then the other ones. The next few ones will be talking about some of my favorite products and they will be categorized. Todays is top foundations.

#5- BB Cream by Maybelline. I know that this isn’t really a foundation but I will use this in place of a foundation sometimes depending on what I am doing that day. If I am just staying home and sitting around and I want some coverage I will use this as well as if I am going to the beach or just running errands. This provides a very sheer coverage, it covers up redness and can cancel out some blemishes but you have to cover it with a concealer. I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s is just looking for a little bit of a cover up. Typically runs for $7.99 or less at any drugstore.

bb cream

#4- Maybelline Fit me foundation. I have used this foundation many times. I like to use the matte and poreless one if my skin is well moisturized. I didn’t really get the chance to try the dewey and smooth one because I got the wrong shade. However the whole fit me collection is amazing. The only thing I found about this that I didn’t like is that it does get cakey after a while with the powder. This does have good coverage along with concealer. Typically runs for $8 ( usually less) at most drugstores. Also comes in a variety of shades.


#3- Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation- I couldn’t decide between the last 3 so this one is one of my #1 foundations. This is like a cheaper version of the tarte amazonian clay. It has the same consistency. This one has really good coverage and it doesn’t look cakey after a few hours.It is long lasting as well. It is a matte foundation and hydrates at the same time. It’s purely amazing. $9 at target.


#2- Revlon color stay foundation- I have mentioned this in one of my picks of the day. The foundation is amazing and long lasting and just perfect. It blurs out all imperfections and literally doesn’t move all day long. The only downfall is that it is on the pricey side. They do have separate ones for dry and combination skin. It can be found at Ulta for $13.


#1- THIS IS ABSOLUTE MY FAVORITE FOUNDATION EVER! IT IS THE LOREAL INFALLIBLE FOUNDATION! okay so this stuff is literally amazing. It is perfect. It is a matte foundation that provides really good coverage and stays on all day. They do sell a powder and a setting spray in the collection. I have been using it almost daily since February and still have the same bottle. This  foundation also runs pricey too. It runs for around $12 at any drugstore.



Okay so that is it for my top foundations, there is many more but these are the ones I would  choose in a heartbeat.. Next up I am going to do top mascaras.

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